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If you are indeed hearing bone-on-bone you have permanent knee damage and will likely have to have them repaired at some point. The good news is, the more weight you take off, the better your knees will feel. Only a doctor can tell you if you'll ever be pain free.

My orthopedic surgeon told me that for every pound of weight lost it's the equivalent of 5 pounds of pressure taken off your knees.

I have zero cartilage left in my right knee and because of this have had constant pain for 2-3 years. Since I've lost 30+ pounds the last two months my knee is feeling SO much better. It really only hurts now during or after exercise and sometimes in my sleep if I move it into a position that I wouldn't if I were awake. Not fun, but I'll take it over pain 24/7, not to mention limping and putting extra pressure on my other knee. I've been limp free for about 3 weeks now!
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Each = 5 lbs gone for good!

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