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Good Evening, Flowers!
It's a chilly - cold 39 degrees tonight -- not a nice night to stand around outside!

We spent the better part of the day with the kids and grandkids. Ian's baptism went fine . . . he fell asleep during the sermon and slept through the preliminary part of the baptism service itself. The minister is a big man and bald so I was just sure Ian would be afraid of him. But the minister took him and of course he woke up; he had this worried, half asleep look on his face like he wasn't sure just where he was. Jason and Amanda were standing right there where he could see them and he never made a fuss. Afterwards (this is a very tiny church) everyone came to greet the family and Ian discovered the step leading up to the altar so he was the center of attention once again.

Maggie -- I love cold meat loaf sandwiches! I never heard of putting sausage in it though. I will have to try that. My meat loaf never comes out the same way twice either. I've never tried a glaze on top either; that sounds good!

I have laundry going and I need to go fold some of Bob's farming clothes so they are ready for the next round. He has a meeting tomorrow so if the farmer finishes today/tomorrow Bob will be done for this year.

Have a marvelous Monday, Flowers!

Jean -- from Iowa!
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