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Originally Posted by JellyBean32882 View Post
It's ok hstello, I'm the same way when it comes to family. It really does suck. Also when they say that I can have a small portion of stuff they just don't understand that I can't have ANY portion, otherwise I lose control and crave all over again.
It's so overwhelming! I feel like I'm personally offending them if I don't eat. There's already so much self consciousness as it is because I moved to PA with my husband but I'm from Texas. I've only been here a year. I understand that they're being hospitable and trying to make me feel at home...but it's borderline stressful because I know what's going to happen, no matter how conscious of my triggers I am.

Originally Posted by missunshine View Post
exactly! it happens almost every time to me, family gatherings turning into binging out of guilt. i hate when everyone always watches my every bite and portions and then encouraging me to eat more...
I agree! They watch your every bite and ask you how you like it. It's not the norm to refuse food by saying, "Sorry, I can't eat your spaghetti because I know it'll lead to a 5k calorie binge later and I just can't handle that."


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