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I found out about about IP from some co-workers. For months, I knew that this was the program and I was going to do it. I don't know why I waited so long.... honestly, it was probably fear. Knowing that I'd really have to change my way of thinking instead of tweaking yet another diet to come around to what I wanted it to be. For example, I can have this 6 pack now if I don't eat tomorrow or these fries are technically a vegetable! When I finally started there were a few things going on with my body that made me realize I was obese. I had a rash on my belly from heat and sweat...that alone was humiliating not to mention painful. I also would get cramps in my abdomen when I shaved my legs or attempted to paint my toes. I just stopped feeling like a girl.... like I was no longer worthy. I was at my lowest. I'm very thankful to have found this board. The support and knowledge here has given me the tools that I've needed to make healthy choices for myself and I'm no longer in "Self Destruct" mode.

Sorry for the SUPER HONEST post....kinda made me feel better, though!!

MINI GOAL #1- Lose 20 lbs DONE
MINI GOAL #2- Lose 40 lbs DONE
MINI GOAL #3- Lose 60 lbs DONE
MINI GOAL #4 - Lose 70 lbs
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