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I'm back as well finally...
@Dawn78- welcome! LAWL is such a great way to lose baby weight. Lots of luck and may it go as smoothly as it did the first time!

It has been a crazy busy time. DD1's communion and party went well I fell completely off plan on Saturday and justified it to myself that I would 'fool' my body by changing things up. Apparently my body thought this was foolishness (sigh... of course) and I weigh the same this week that I did last week.
@Shy- our cycles are surprisingly close together! TOM is expected but it has been very unpredictable so not sure exactly when it plans on being here. Just know that I'm a very cranky mama right now which I don't like. Even when I don't mean to be my tone is sharp... ah well... hopefully it will arrive soon and I can be back to normal.
Went to step class yesterday and was very pleased at how easily running up and down a flight of stairs 5 times was. I had to do this about a month ago when I first started exercising regularly again and it darn near killed me. This time I could've easily kept going and it was only at the lady behind's me insistence that we were done (evidently she's better at keeping track than I ) that I stopped.
We did a lot of resistance work yesterday (push ups, sit ups, squats as well as lifting). Push ups hurt hurt hurt. They are my nemesis. And she made us do 100 of them. Yuck. But I did it. Even though they were little baby ones by the end.
Bought a new bike yesterday as well. It is so darn pretty! I absolutely love it! Took the girls out for a ride when we got home. There is really only gravel by my house and DD2 had a bit of trouble as she is only 4 and her wheels are quite small. DD1 suggested that if we take the bikes to town it would be a lot more fun which I wholeheartedly agree with. So, I will have to find a bike carrier that will enable us to do this. Have to enjoy these couple months of summer before the deep freeze sets in again!
Desperately need to fix up the planters as well but I'd like to wait until the weather is cooperating with me. Maybe after the weekend as I'm slated to be home all day Monday.
Didn't weigh today... had to eat out last night as we went to support the local 4H group and they were serving a supper. I stuck to just beef. But the sodium content was very questionable.
Decided I will take Thursday's number in lieu. Although I have to eat out tonight as well because we will be in town again as my DD1 has dance. At least I know I can find a salad somewhere
Til tomorrow...
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