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Good morning all! I've not been posting here for the last week due to overhwhelming stress at work. I work in a disaster non-profit that works to export our model of disaster recovery to other areas who have recently suffered from a natural disaster so they don't have to "reinvent the wheel". I found out last Tuesday night that I would have a person from a group doing Hurricane Sandy recovery training with me Wednesday-Friday. My assignment was to delegate training to my team, but many of them were unable to help because they were too busy. I ended up spending 8 hours a day with this (lovely) woman but I got absolutely nothing else done! I gave feedback to my boss that I needed more notice and more help delegating if I was to do this again

This weekend my partner's 6 year old had her first slumber party at our house - and after being put to bed at 9 the girls whispered until 11. I was informed this was the point of sleepovers and my controlling impulse to seperate them was not the point :P

Food through all this was tough to plan but mostly within my calorie range. I don't own a scale right now, need to invest in one stat, but I don't feel like I gained any weight (though I certainly didn't lose)

Yesterday was totally OP with the exception of increasing my dinner size (within my calorie alotment) because 30 mins after dinner I was still HUNGRY. Then early to bed so I could wake up early this morning and go running.

My food today is planned and I'm finishing up my OP breakfast as I write this

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

BBE A concert on a warm spring night sounds divine! I'm jealous beacause here it's something like 85 degrees at night so sticky walking around. Your weather sounds lovely. That's some furniture store!! Also your cilantro story made me laugh out loud! As someone alergic to cilantro I'm not sure why you would want to convert parsley

sparks Great job thinking about how to plan your day and still be successful despite obstacles instead of saying "my day is different I can't diet" like I do sometimes.

IBelieveinMe Weekends are so hard for me too. I know that we can get ourselves on track then too though!

maryann Thank you for your inspiring words and YAY to your journey!
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