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Ok, so one week ended today. I didn't lost any weight. But, I have noticed changes in my body. I feel firmer and leaner.

I've decided to stay on it for another week and see what happens.

I have the "induction flu" pretty bad right now. I've felt like *** for the last few days. I didn't work out tonight because I just didn't have the energy. My whole body aches and I feel so tired all the time.

Even on my cheat day I felt crappy. I had a headache most of the day and felt dizzy a lot in the evening.

I also cheated a little yesterday. It was my cousin's graduation party. I had a big plate of meat, but I also had a few chips and drank one beer. And then they cut the cake. I had one small piece of cake. It was a special occasion... I know I should have had more self control but it also could have been a lot worse.

I can't wait for these symptoms to go away. I feel like absolute crap...

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