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Originally Posted by elvislover324 View Post
I'll be having a hysterectomy in September if I don't get pregnant by then. Surgical menopause at 38 is terrifying to me, ESP weight wise.
What helped me a lot was the website - they sent me a printed booklet free and it was a great help. It told what to do to prepare for surgery, what to expect during the hospital stay and after you come home.

They also have a great online community like this one that you can join.

As far as weight - I don't want to be discouraging, but it does become an uphill battle. Right after my surgery I had dropped 3-5 lbs. and thought "Wow, I'm on my way" and I was happy at having no horrible periods anymore. But it didn't take long until the weight started packing on. A lot of that was stress though - job and financial difficulties and my Mom had died 4 mos. prior to my hyst. so I missed her.

So - be proactive - try to figure out ways to minimize as many stresses as you can. I think I was just a walking cortisol/belly fat factory, but hopefully you won't have to be. Plan ahead and think positive!
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