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Monday, Monday ... So good to me. (Power of positive thinking or only the corny song make the call.)

Since I seem to be completely motivated, if only for a brief time, by numbers, dates, deadlines, trips, ANYTHING that starts with a good round number, I counted it out and have 100 days until my birthday (no thrill if 87 or 53 days until my birthday, mind you, but 100 seems perfect). Not a landmark bday, but I celebrate them all. So I'm on day one again. And trying to drag my sister along for the ride with me this time. She lives in Colorado and is 13 years older than me, and we see each other a few times a year, but in all honesty, we are like oil and water. But I keep hoping that together we can join forces and help each other lose weight, stay on track, and work toward getting in better shape, since diabetes runs in our family pretty strongly. I've suggested she check out Beck's book from the library and she did, but i think I might just send it to her, so it's not a loaner. I would like to restart it with someone again. She revels in being busy, and I don't admire busy for busyness sake, so often probably don't give her the support/praise she is seeking, but rather say she should focus on two things she wants to do, and two that she needs to do. Combine some pleasure with achievement. I don't believe her personality appreciates that.

And I'm sorry to post so much, but I aim to check in again this evening while DH is working and I'm alone with the kitchen, and will use GardnerJoy's (?) "kitchen is closed" mentality, I hope. Need the accountability.

Breakfast and lunch are on track so far. Tonight I shall pack a duffle with walking clothes for lunchtime. Step One.

I was thinking WHAT is different in my life from when i was 130-140 pounds? Oh, I'm eating more. And more treats. And I'm not walking an hour a day. And I'm not choosing wisely when eating out more often than not. And I'm eating out more often. And I'm not tracking as i was when on maintenance. And... voila! UP 35 pounds or so. I long for the days of vacationing in Italy for MANY things, but the freedom to eat as desired and enjoyed while walking miles daily was a joy.

So close ... now so far!
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