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Question I've done nothing, but obviously something

So I haven't been on this site for a while now, and I felt bad because I was doing great, but then people in my life and my job have been getting in my way when it comes to fitness.

I've been slacking on my diet and exercising, and I felt like poo. And not to mention I have totally avoided the scale, since a week ago when I went back up to 214.

I wouldn't say I've been binge eating, but i just haven't been making the right choices when I eat. And i wouldn't say I completely stopped working out but I haven't been doing it as frequently as I should.

But, this morning I hop on the scale (to see how much more damage I have done) and what do you know, it says I'm 208... How? I thought something was wrong with it so i rebooted it. Then it still said 208. Still in disbelief, I took it to another room (one with a more leveled ground) and then boom, still 208.

It's like when I was working out I would stay the same weight or bounce between a few pounds. And I know that it is mandatory to take a couple days off from working out so your body can burn fat and build muscle. But i took off tons of days from exercising.

What in the heck is going on? lol

Goal 1: 209 (25 lbs lost)/Complete!!!
Goal 2: 199 (Out of the 200s)/Complete!!!
Goal 3: 180 (No longer Obese)/Complete!!!
Goal 4: No muffin top
Goal 5: 169 (19 more pounds until goal)
for every 10 lbs lost.
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