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Originally Posted by Mountain Mamma View Post
And let's not forget all the exercise people got in those pre-remote control days, GETTING UP TO CHANGE THE TV CHANNELS!!!!!! (Except for my dad, because at our house it was the designated kids' job!)
Back in the 50's there were 3 T.V channels. Not a lot of T.V. too watch unless you were addicted to soap box opera's. So we played outside--and walked to school. In the 70's cable T.V. made it's entrance and now 200 channels of anything and everything along with video games that keeps kids inside and not active.

We really didn't have a lot of fast food then--everyone ate at home. It was considered a real treat to go to a restaurant once in a blue moon. Times have changed--but with those changes we also know that we have a personal responsibility to take care of ourselves--and our families--to insure that our kids and grand kids grow up with good eating and exercise habits.

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