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Diet soda was one of the hardest things I gave fiance and I would literally go through a 12 pk of diet soda in 3-4 days, sometimes even faster. We would drink it with every meal, never really drink anything else. But I knew, when I made the choice to get healthy, it was going to be something I had to give up.

The first few days were the hardest...went through the caffeine withdrawal (I used coffee to help with this...only drank one cup at the start of my day), had several headaches, and literally craved it all the time.

After the third day, the cravings subsided, and by the fifth day I could be in the same room with my fiance while he continued to drink it (I would make him go in the kitchen to drink his soda, so I wouldn't be tempted to take a sip). I've been 3 1/2 weeks soda free, and I feel much better about it ^_^ I haven't had a single drop...I'm worried that if I drink it, I will crave it again so I just avoid it. If I need something with flavor, I will squeeze some lemon juice, or pure cranberry juice into my water so it has a bit more taste.

You can do this!!!!
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