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Hubby and I are open about our weight. We see our doctor quarterly, and are weighed in front of each other. We had a doctor's appointment Thursday, and I've already forgotten hubby's weight, and I'm sure hubby has forgotten mine.

I also have my weight loss chart taped to our bedroom, so if hubby were interested, he could look.

While we're both working at health and fitness goals, we try not to make weight the central goal, just part of the whole, health package.

I'm pretty open about my weight though, because I always thought it was odd to be more concerned about a number that no one sees, to the fat everyone can see hanging on our bodies.

If by some magic, I could look like your average swimsuit model but actually weigh 300 lbs, I'd be calling all the tabloids.

I have a friend that I envy. She weighs 225 lbs, but looks MUCH lighter. She doesn't even wear plus size clothes. To be honest, I 'd be surprised if she wears anything above a size 12.

She's only a bit taller than me, but she's EXTREMELY athletic. She runs, lifts weight, hikes, kickboxes... she's entirely badass.

Unfortunately, I look every bit my size or more because I'm very sedentary, partially due to my disability (and partly because being sedentary exacerbated the disability). I'm trying to reverse the cycle, and my dream is to one day have an overweight BMI due to muscle rather than any excess fat.
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