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Today is cheat day. So far the only cheating I've done is put sugar in my tea. But I have plans for later. They keep showing commercials for those S'more blizzards. My by and I were both saying we haven't had a Blizzard in years. So, later on we are getting Blizzards.

I have a film shoot today. So I am a little stressed about that. Can't really think much about eating at the moment.

I confess, I did cheat last night a little. I was hanging out with some friends and a guy I know brought a bottle of his home brewed beer. He poured some of it in cups for us all to try. I tried it. But, a dixie cup of beer is nothing. I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

I am not sure weather I want to stay on this diet for longer then a week. These last few days I've felt like crap. But I keep reading that is normal until you get used to it. I don't even know how much weight I've lost. I weighed myself two nights ago and was happy with the results. But then last night I weighed myself again and had gained 4 pounds since the night before. I know that isn't really possible and I must have just been holding on to a lot of water. It was at the same time of the day though. Idk... I am supposed to weigh myself at the beginning of my cheat day, which is now. But I don't have a scale.

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