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My Phase 1 Breakfasts:

(Please keep in mind, I never worry about veggies at breakfast, because I eat alot of them during the day for other meals and snacks.
You can always add a V8 to any of these for a extra veggie kick *hint about the flavour of V8, try adding a bit of orange flavour crystal light, helps cut the tomato-y-ness*)

Greek yogurt sprinkled w/ peanuts
Plain yogurt mixed w/ crystal light powder (or sugar free jello powder)
Celery w/ pb
Celery stuffed w/ creamcheese mixed with homemade salsa
Chickpeas topped w/ low fat cheese & homemade salsa
Deli roll ups (lean meat with a bit of mustard rolled around pepper & pickle spears)
Turkey BLT roll ups
Scrambled eggs
Omlette (usually ham, brocolli, cheddar)
Deviled eggs
Left overs from the previous nights dinner (random)
Cucumbers w/ cream cheese or reduced fat cheddar

Those are just ideas that first jump to mind.

basically you can have anything for breakfast that fits the SBD food guidelines, there is really no need for them to be "breakfasty" foods.


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