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@Capricious: That's fantastic news.... I knew you could do and and i have faith in you that you will accomplish your goal in no time. I started around the same weight as you.

MIL came around (late) supper time and she LOVED the food. I ended up making a cauliflower and potatoe 'curry' and served that with naan also. It was really good.... if i do say so myself!
She left early this morning as breakfast was being served at the conference.
Today I'm going to have a bbq. We're having burgers, shrimp skewers, potato salad, roasted tomato and garlic couscous and grilled pineapple skewers dusted with a hint of hot habenero sauce! How's that?
I know... I'm pretty impressed too!
I just got all the salads done and my ground beef has been marinating for two days. All i've done is 'cook' this morning!
Right after lunch, I'm heading out to school for DS's assembly. He'll be doing a dance and playing recorder with his class. They are going to perform their song which earned them a Kiwanis Gold medal!
DD! already had her evening playing the trumpet performing their gold medal song. I don't think she's performing today.

Let me tell you.... and @Capricious you are absolutely right.... there is a calm over me (now that the prep work is done) and it's because the house is clean. Yay. I got everyone to do a chore while I cooked the last dish and everything came together nicely!
I even had a chance to help two kids study for tests today! Wow.

Here's to hoping everyday is like today!

Capricious, I feel like we're living in a parallel universe! The vacuum issue.... the last time they fixed the part, they gave me a Miele canister vacuum to use in the mean time (I complained that it would take too long for the part to be fixed and my house needed to be cleaned). I loved that vacuum. I want one badly... just have to save up for it.

My weekend is crazy busy as well. I'll be driving two hours to attend my neice's bday party and then driving back for my DS to attend a schoolmate's bday party!
I also had to attend another event in the evening but opted not to. There would be too much driving for one day. That event is also 1 1/2 hour drive!
Then kids have a lot of homework and assignments to complete.
Maybe I can plant some of the flowers that seem to be living comfortably in my garage! lol

Congratulations to your daughter and may she have a wonderful time at her celebrations.

May 31: 140.0 lbs.

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