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So very true southernmavin about how things are so different than they were a generation back. It is interesting how everyone did smoke and drink alot, and now so many people take meds. I guess people have needed a way of coping for a long time. And eating is a form of this self medication too. I myself have used meds in times of desperation where I found myself completely hopeless and not wanting to live. The meds helped pull me out, even if what I experienced was just the placebo effect. I've never stayed on anything for that long though due to side effects. For me the meds are a desperate and temporary solution to a desperate state. It must be very dire for me to take them. Like I will endure several months or even a year or more of depression before I finally succumb to taking anything. I have also found that exercise is my best antidepressant. Just hard to get yourself to do it when in a slump.

I agree it would be great to start a new thread as this one is so long now. Should we call it the same, or something like discussions on dieting alternatives or something. What do you all think?
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