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What I find a bit odd about the article was the concern that the size 12 manikin would somehow encourage obesity (when the manikin is clearly not obese, and considering the muscle-definition, possibly not even overweight). Where was the concern that the size 0-2 would promote anorexia? We're going to all think obesity is great, because of a non-obese appearing, size 12 manikin? I'm just offended by the implicit expectation of stupidity and inability for logical thought. I'm going to want to stay 160 lbs overweight, because of a store manikin I'd have to lose nearly 150 lbs to resemble? Sure, ok.

I don't expect to ever look like either model, because..... well, because I have a brain and know I probably will never have perky boobs or a flat stomach. Even with no more loose skin I have now, I can foresee that at my goal weight, my skin is going to be several sizes too big. I'm going to look like a hairless, pink, flying squirrel. Even I don't want to see THAT manikin.
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