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FYI - there are a lot of low-cost recipes and meal ideas that are also low-carb, paleo, and semi-paleo the shoestring meals forum. Even though soy and legumes are usually not considered paleo (because they aren't edible raw), I do use tvp (textured vegetable protein) to extend ground beef. I can buy cheap ground beef and extend it with even cheaper tvp ( my recipes using tvp can be found in the shoestring meals forum).

I do make my own yogurt, which isn't strictly paleo, but I'm not willing to eat the paleo source for calcium and other minerals (such as insects and bones). I do make stock with animal bones (chicken carcass, ham bone, beef bones, even shrimp shells on the rare occasion we buy shrimp - usually from Aldi on sale).

The first paleo book I read (Neanderthin, I believe) allowed dairy as a substitute for insects and dirt (the paleo sources for these minerals), so whenever I've done paleo, I've used some dairy. I've stopped eating fresh dairy due to mild lactose problems.
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