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I eat Paleo-ish now. The main things that are NOT Paleo in my diet are honey, cheese, chocolate (the first 3, I eat daily), white potatoes/corn (on occasion).

Today I ate:

Bkf ~ 6 spears of asparagus wrapped with 1/2 slice of bacon, and baked, 1 orange, 1 homemade banana, walnut, and chocolate muffin made with almond flour.

Lunch ~ 2 veggie and turkey mini meatloaves, 1 grapefruit, 1 homemade banana, walnut, and chocolate muffin made with almond flour.

Snack ~ 2 -50 calorie applegate farms all natural turkey hot dogs with mustard (I usually don't do hot dogs, but we were going to have a cook out, and it got canceled).

Dinner ~ don't know yet, will decide after the gym!

Basically, once per month I make a huge batch of muffins for the bf and I and freeze what we don't need for the week. Every Sunday, I make my asparagus with bacon, and 2-3 main dishes (last week was chili, meatloaf, and sloppy joe (with manwich, not paleo, but it sounded good). Then on Tuesday and Wednesday I cook something for dinner. My rule is I cook and portion the food, we each warm up what we want for lunch and dinner each day.

Other favorites include homemade chicken and veggie soup, taco salad, cauliflower and cheese soup, stuffed cabbages w/o rice, spaghetti made with spaghetti squash instead of noodles. I make egg muffins for my bf with beaten eggs, meat, veggies. I put a 1/4 cup of the mixture in each muffin tin and bake them, and wrap in plastic wrap. They freeze well also.
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