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Expense with paleo can be an issue for some, especially those living in "food deserts" who generally have access to food from fast food restaurants and convenience stores (7-eleven). This is why obesity and obesity-related diseases correlate so strongly with poverty. People who can't afford to eat real food have no choice but to eat the cheapest food stuffs- refined grains like white bread and ramen noodles, rice, corn and sugar. The cheapest foods also happen to be what causes obesity/overweight in the first place because they are only refined carbohydrates that get stored as fat while not giving any nutrition for all those calories, leaving you constantly hungry. A viscious cycle.

The food pyramid was created by the USDA. The USDA's number 1 product is grains. They must sell grains to the US population and what better way to do that than to tell everyone that grains are a major part of one's diet. Imagine if Coca-cola made a beverage pyramid. What do you think Coca-cola would tell everyone is the most important beverage to drink? That's right: coca-cola. The food pyramid is not based on nutritional science or historical records of what humans evolved to eat. It's based on selling a constant surplus of grains. The food pyramid has even been replaced by "my plate" so even the USDA has abandoned it. You should as well and replace it with a pyramid based on what humans evolved to eat, which is fatty meats fish poultry, veggies, a little fruit and nuts.

My diet is influenced by Paleo, in that I focus on fatty meats like juicy burgers, fish with skin and butter sauce, and beef, pork, lamb, and chicken pot roasts and bone broths that keep all the fat and juices of the meat in tact. These foods are incredibly nutrient dense, are delicious, and satisfy my appetite without having to eat a huge volume of food. I also avoid all bread and pastas because I have a gluten sensitivity. I minimize rice and corn as well because they have more calories than nutritional content. I maximize well-cooked veggies like potatoes, sweet potatoes, cooked greens, squashes, zuccini, peas, etc. And I eat a ton of full-fat dairy: cream, sour cream, cream cheese, grass-fed butter. I don't drink milk because of lactose intolerance.

I have lost nearly 25 lbs on this diet, kept it off for a year, and I continue to eat it today because it is delicious, satisfying, nutritious, and i never have to worry about the weight coming back. The reason eating lots of meat and fat and fewer carbs controls weight has to do with controlling your blood sugar. If you restrict carbs (mainly bread,pastas,cereals, sugar,corn, rice) your blood sugar remains stable, which doesn't trigger insulin. If you eat lots of carbs, insulin will come in to reduce your blood sugar, and store it as fat. Also, while insulin is active, your brain can't feel the satiety signal (from leptin), leaving you hungry, continuing to eat more carbs, and unable to burn the fat you already have- a viscous cycle.

My typical paleo-ish/low-carb/high-fat day:

breakfast: one egg w/ bacon or sausage w/potato or a little salad
lunch: pork ribs (with juices and fatty parts), cooked collard greens (in butter), beans cooked with pork, potato salad
dinner: rotisserie chicken (dark meat and skin) from the supermarket, instant mashed potatoes, creamy spinach

snacks: cashews, peanut butter, 99% chocolate, whole-fat chedder cheese stick,

I can basically eat however much meat and natural fat I want to without gaining weight. My body tells me when I am full. I no longer crave bread, sweets, or even ice cream anymore. I would eat ice cream if it came unsweetened, however.

The cons to this diet are: time spent cooking and better quality meat and dairy is more expensive.

BUT- you can do a low-carb, high-fat diet on fast food and processed food as well and make a difference in weight- it just won't be as healthy. For example, if you go to McDonalds, get the double burger with everything on it (skip the american cheese which is not even related to real cheese) and don't eat the bun. Get coffee with cream but no sugar. Get water instead of soda. Get a small fries instead of cookies or ice cream. For me, it's all about reaching for the fattiest option as a replacement for the sugary or carby option. That way I get satisfied and my blood sugar doesn't spike which allows my body to keep burning fat instead of storing it.

I hope this helps. PM me if you have other questions.
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