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Good, EliseVi! That¿s the way to go! It is better to space the weigh-ins, because in women weight fluctuates a lot. Also, we don't want to lose weight, but to lose extra fat, and the scale does not say how much fat we have, how much water, how much muscle... I hear some scales do that, but I sort of don't believe they do what they say they do.
I had a bad breakfast today (croissant, sandwich) with the excuse I would jog afterwards, and it played against me. I did not eat over my calories, but my running was not smooth and easy. I felt I was carring a backpack on each leg! But I jogged for an hour, showered and here I am, ready to go healthy again!
What about the rest of our committed group? Report, report!
Goal met: 30 pounds lost!
Next goals: Run 10k
Final goals: abs, no more overeating, four pounds less
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