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It's interesting to see what you all have noticed on this and everyone's input. I may not have been too clear. I don't think it's 100% wrong to say you're on a diet if trying to lose weight. But what bothered me was I noticed people don't seem to see eating healthy and being on a weight loss diet as two different things. It's like so many only eat healthy if trying to lose weight.

And the fact that children are now identifying healthy foods only with being on a weight loss diet. So that raises some flags and questions with me. Just like walking seems to be extinct. I went walking with my niece and her friends; they wanted to go with us to the Casey's store to get a drink and snack, and when we started off, one little girl asks, "Where's the car?" - I say we aren't going in one, we are walking. She says, "Why would you walk? It's not normal to walk places. That's why everyone has a car." Then the other kids started remarking the same. I asked if any of them walk with their families, and they all said no. I asked if they'd ever walked to the park, and they said no, that they mainly play video games at home - nothing active. And the same thing has occurred with the topic of "dieting," which should be healthy eating, as none of them are on diets - but if they think a bowl of fruit or a banana is a diet if they eat that instead of a bag of candy, then something is worrying. Some people act as if nothing has changed with this current children's generation with healthy food or eating habbits. When I was a little girl I ate healthy foods; fruits, veggies and not nearly as much junk food. And the same went for the other kids I knew. That wasn't that long ago; I was born in the mid 80's. We didn't view eating a banana as being on a diet. We little girls also didn't discuss needing to go on a "diet," or that we are fat, have puffy eyes, or that they are worried about not being skinny/underweight (which is what they want already, at under 10)

I also wondered if this is just going on in the US, or if this type of thing is trending elsewhere.

I noticed someone that replied on here may have taken me wrong, or in offense (Which wasn't intended. Sorry), asking what "healthy" food is. I would say things that aren't fried, highly carby, full of sugar, and processed food; things that are healthy such as lean meats, seafood, veggies and fruit, etc. I tend to eat that way even when not trying to lose - it's just not everything I eat. I would say my main problem is metabolism and the occasional comfort food/sweets, which mainly just kicks my butt in the winters when much less active.
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