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Default great support here :)

I love the support here on this thread and in all of these forums...

I don't know why I am up at almost 2 am, what time it is now and guess what, I want to eat biscotti. I said in my previous post that I was going to not eat so many carbs. Maybe I will have a glass of skim milk instead.

I agree, the accountability factor is important to me. It's great that we have each other here to support one another.

I placed my first supermarket order online last night. I think it went pretty well but I added in a few starchy snacks that I didn't need. I didn't order that many though and maybe I will put them into separate Ziploc bags when they arrive.

Good night. Maybe now, I will finally drift off to zzzland - my snoresabee! Sweet dreams.

Take care.
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