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Starting over sucks.
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Thanks for the links Munchy!

I think the issues that I have stem from the extremely bad relationship I've always had with food, and I hope to have that completely under control by the time I have kids of my own. As for the nephews? Their mom takes splendid care of them and feeds them well.

My boyfriend is supposed to eat paleo to counteract the yeast issues caused by his heartburn meds, and to eventually wean off all of his meds. My brother in law is a diagnosed Celiac, and my Father in law is a cardiac patient, so at those family gatherings, we get a lot of snark from the extended family about our "special requirements" (Neither I nor my bf have ever asked for anything specific, and my brother in law is not demanding, but my mother in law bends over backwards for all of us, and I love her for it). After the last go around about our "special requirements", I finally told the one aunt that my "restrictive diet" Allows me all the fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and cheese I want. I have bread sometimes, pasta sometimes. I even have Mcdonalds sometimes. Yes, I chose not to have any candied apple salad. And yes, I don't want my bf eating things that make him sick. But to treat us like it's a quirk or a fad or we're attention seeking is really disrespectful.

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