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Originally Posted by Xena2013 View Post
I know that for me carbs/sugar is difficult because I want to lose weight and they are very calorie dense. So I eat them, feel guilty, start bingeing and promise myself that I will be good tomorrow.
Xena - if you can get rid of the guilt, you might find yourself not binging. Guilt is the first thing I let go of when I stopped dieting, and I think it's the reason I have not felt any strong urges to go back to any type of restricted eating.

Example: Yesterday was very, very stressful for me. As I mentioned, my iPhone was missing. I knew where it was and I knew there was some shenanigans going on (I'd left it in a restaurant the night before and I felt pretty sure that someone there had it, although I couldn't be certain of that) so I finally had to confront the manager with it. Not a comfortable situation - but I did get my iPhone back.

Anyway, my whole day was shot dealing with them AND with the phone company. I had had a late breakfast but by the time I had gone back to the restaurant it was 2:00 pm. I gave them an hour to come up with the phone & left. I was pretty upset, and what did I spot across the parking lot? A Starbucks. Suddenly I just HAD to have a white chocolate peppermint mocha, an indulgence I partake of from time to time. I wasn't particularly hungry, just upset. So I went in and got one (a tall, which as everyone knows, isn't tall at all ) and sat there and drank it. It calmed my nerves. They called my husband's cell phone at 2:45 and said they'd found my phone so I finished up my mocha and went over there to retrieve it.

Then about 6:30 pm I decided I was hungry. We had a frozen pizza in the freezer so I fixed it and ate 1/4 of the pizza (which was 2 relatively small pieces as compared to take out pizza), followed by 2 oatmeal cookies for dessert. My breakfast had been standard Waffle House fare - one egg, bacon, hash browns and toast. (I'd had no lunch, unless you want to count my mocha as lunch). I wasn't going to win any awards for nutrition with yesterday's intake, but did I feel guilty about what I ate?


Overall it really wasn't that much food. But had I been on a restrictive diet when all this happened, I can assure you I not only would have gone completely off plan and no doubt engaged in "last supper eating" which would have likely been much more food ingested, but the guilt on TOP of the stress I'd been feeling over the phone would have been overwhelming.

This morning I woke up and in about two hours I decided I really wanted some yogurt & cheese toast. So breakfast was one slice of cheese toast and a cup of low-fat vanilla yogurt with some frozen berries out of the freezer. Yum!

Yesterday's "junk" (as the food police would refer to it - I don't) was forgotten. Today's a new day. I don't have a clue what I'll eat for the rest of the day, because right now I am completely satisfied.

This is what IE has done for me. By allowing myself to let go of the guilt, I'm able to have complete freedom with food. That doesn't mean gorging myself day after day but rather eating what I want and what I NEED depending on the circumstances. Yesterday was stressful and I just "went with it," so to speak.

ETA: As I read over this I thought "people are going to be thinking - how did your husband call you?" I had actually gotten back in my car for a little while to use my car phone to call people to let them know why they couldn't get me on my cell phone & he called the car phone to let me know they'd "found" the phone. Just lucky that I was in the car when he called - but I'd have gotten the phone anyway since I was supposed to return at 3:00 p.m.

Just wanted to clarify.

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