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Originally Posted by Xena2013 View Post
Hi guys - thanks for all the advice.

I am still doing good (except for last night) but the not weighing drives me insane. I catch myself skipping all snavks and dinner because I am scared of gaining weight and not knowing it. Last night I was so hungry that I got very dizzy but the thought of gaining more weight scares me. So at 10 PM last night I found myself in the kitchen inhaling brownies and chips...

I am wondering if I should just try to weigh daily and get an idea of fluctuations. I don't expect a big weight loss in one day. I just know the weekly or monthly never worked. I would expect a huge loss since I was "good" for "so long" and binged if it didn't happen.

I am not sure what to do but ditching the scale doesn't seem to work and makes me undereat.
Xena - moving out of "diet thinking" is hard and something no one does overnight. But skipping meals "because you're afraid of gaining weight" is definitely diet thinking. So even though I realize it's a difficult thing to do, you really need to eat when you're hungry and listen to your body's signals. You can see what the result was when you didn't do that.

Others have given their thoughts on the scale, and I'm glad to see that you've decided to go the app route just to see the overall pattern.

The other day I did weigh for a specific reason, and the number was about where I thought it would be. It didn't affect me in the least. But the next day I put on a belt, one where I went between the first and second hole, never beyond, and to my great surprise I went to the third hole with a little room to spare! That was shocking. I've never been able to get it to the third hole - not even since I bought it a few years ago. What here on 3FC they'd call an NSV (non-scale victory).

The number on the scale - although slightly down from over a month ago (when I last weighed) - would never have indicated that would have happened. That's why scales are so unreliable.
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