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Rhonda, I am so sorry about Ann. I can't imagine how she must feel thinking she might have to go back in for more surgery. So far Jim has not had to have anything done to his right leg. I will keep Ann in my thoughts. I feel so sorry for her.

Yes, diabetes is a nightmare. I have watched my brother suffer for over 40 years. He has multi health problems. Sad.

On a happier note--thank you Rhonda for the compliment. I really enjoyed the school reunion. My weight was (is) up but I didn't let it get to me like I usually do. I had a blast! And I don't think anybody was pointing any fingers at me about being fat. Oh what we do to ourselves with our minds!

Day 4

I cooked us a high carb bfast today. My portion was 7 pts. We'll see if I can lose eating like this.

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