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Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
no, you are right jenmusic that isn't what I think most people here mean when they are bothered by hunger. I think when people are bothered by hunger is when they are so hungry that they kind of panic because imagining having to wait until the next scheduled meal time and being unsatisfied with what they eat seems unbearable.
JenMusic, I second what veggidaze has said!

In the past, on "diets", I was feeding myself smaller portions than I actually needed to feel satisfied. So, being hungry brought with it a sense of deprivation.

So, on top of feeling hungry, it was the anticipation of the next meal being completely unsatisfying that made it worse.
Both veggiedaze and shiv have described my own reactions to hunger when I was dieting.

Wannabeskinny really knocked it out of the park with her description of hunger - what it is, and what it isn't -

For years hunger has been a scary monster under the bed. You're willing to do anything, anything to placate it to make it go away! Hunger is not an emotion, it's just a physical feeling. It's not pain and that's important to understand. It's like the difference between being snuggled comfortable in a blanket or being sweaty hot. It's the difference between being lonely or being happy to have some solo time. It doesn't always have to be this bad thing, it can just be there.
WOW! I never really thought of hunger in this way, but this is so true! If we can keep wannabeskinny's words in mind when hunger appears, we can deal with it without panic. It isn't pain, but I think many people treat that way...something not to be tolerated and to be eradicated as quickly as possible.

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