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S/C/G: Lose body fat

Height: 5' 3"


I maintained 111 @ 5"3 for one year! I felt fit, healthy and great!
Then, last summer, I ruined it all. In 2 months I gained 12-15 lbs. Hard to know the exact amount, because I avoided the scale and started cutting calories before my official weigh-in. I drank, ate and virtually did not exercise (unless you count the beer curls) all summer long and I swear I gained all fat.
I'm just getting back to the same feeling and weight (dieting on/off since Oct.) I had this time last year. In order to enjoy my weekends and maintain, I have to eat in a deficit during the week, which is much easier because of my work routine, then I eat, drink and enjoy more on the weekends. I think I am going to be a "lifer" with this routine for maintenance.

And now, I am extremely nervous about the summer. It's by far my "weak" time.
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