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Default When I go off plan, I feel . . .

(I need this for ME, but I thought some 3FCers could add on and benefit!)

When I go off plan, I . . .
- feel sluggish and lethargic and cranky.
- am moodier and more likely to be blue/pessimistic.
- get bad heartburn or indigestion and need to take antacids, which I never need on plan.
- feel swollen and bloated.
- get uncomfortably, ahem, gassy.
- get aching joints.
- have terrible morning breath. (Weird!)
- have to detox from sugar overload all over again.
- dislike getting dressed in the morning, because I'm not sure what will fit.
- don't want to weigh in.
- become mad at myself, because I should know better by now.

BUT, when I go off plan, I also remind myself that I'm down but not out. Right now is a new moment and what's past is over. I just need to remember all this from here on out.

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