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I maintained for a whole 9 weeks (what a joke right!?). I felt like "Oh wow this is so easy, I can eat so much more, how wonderful". Didn't take long for me to stop counting my calories for too many days at a time, eat a few too many treats, and go past my red line of 142. It was kind of a relief to start losing weight again; when I saw that 143 on the scale it was almost like the worst thing I'd ever seen yet the best because it gave me a reason to start losing again. I needed the break from trying to lose, but I can see how hard maintenance will be, mentally, when I go back to it. It's very easy to think "Oh I'll just work this off tomorrow". In just the very very short amount of time I attempted maintenance I found that 2000 calories was like a freakin feast at first, it started to not be enough, so the 2500 I'd eat on tough workout days felt like a lot, but then not enough. Old habits die hard. I'm just thankful I caught it so quickly! I may have to be one of those people who has to eat in a deficit 5 out of 7 days a week forever just to ensure I don't continually gain and have to lose again. How exhausting it all gets!
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