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Oh yes! I think it is a natural phase.

1. Getting overweight without really realizing it (although some have been overweight since childhood)

2. Having that "holy crap!" moment

3. On again & off again trying to lose

4. Losing

5. Getting to maintenance and celebrating - new clothes, wow I did it, man I look great, I'll never look like that again.

6. Setbacks (baby, wedding, vacations, general life events)

7. Complacency

8. Drifting back to old weight or getting right back to old weight or more

9. Recognizing complacency and returning to normal (the "new" normal - maintenance).

I've done this twice (my 2 pregnancies, I let them spiral out of control). I think I'm in step 9 right now. I'm sure tehre are different steps for different people, but complacency bit me in the *** twice.

You know how some people, at or near goal, still feel like a fat girl trapped in a slim girl's body? I think the reverse happens too. "Well, I'm doing fantastic".... hmmm... are you??? Or were you??

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