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Hi All,

My name is Sabrina and I'm brand new to 3FC. I do apologize in advance if I'm not doing this correctly...forums are really new to me!

I'm from the US originally (SF Bay Area!) but I now currently live in beautiful Queensland, Australia. As I'm posting on this tread, I'm sure you've guessed my obstacle as well...I was diagnosed with a chronic pain condition similar to fibro about a month ago. The worst part that I'm struggling with most? The condition started with my health kick! Yup, the pain all started when I started losing weight...ugh! So even though my doc is suggesting I get back to the weight loss journey, a big part of me wants to just give up and eat cake instead (with a HUGE glass of wine..hehe).

I'm a little too shy to put up my numbers yet, but I would love some advice from some fellow fibro warriors. What diets have you had success with? Google is both a friend and enemy as I've tried to look up fibro diets and have found info on going gluten-free, South Beach,'s gets overwhelming so quickly! I've tried Jenny Craig and had success, but dropped out due to expense (not working at the moment) and I've tried Weight Watchers at home but I think having no support is my main issue.

I would also love some feedback on what you do to cope with all the joys of fibro. A friend's mom has the same condition and I've had a chat with her and she's recommending walking, water aerobics and yoga/stretching for exercise along with losing weight, plenty of sleep (thinking of trying to fit in daily naps...thoughts?), and massage as her main methods for coping. I know that everyone responds differently but I'm curious to know what you have tried and what has had success for you.

Sorry for the long post and sorry if I'm butting in as well! Thanks in advance for all your help

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