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Life is basically made up of choices. You can elect to be happy or sad, loved or not loved, overweight or not overweight. We all make choices for ourselves. This past January I made a choice - I had had it with being overweight. Since January, I've take off 37 pounds. How did I get going? Well, my doctor, family, friends, basically everyone urged me to gain control of my health. One of my friends bought me a great book, Flip the Switch, by Jim Karas -he works on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer. The book is packed with motivational, eating tips, exercise strategies (more strength training, less cardio) how to lose weight if you're a woman, finding time for exercise. It is very comprehensive and very well written. It's a huge step beyound the Dr. Phil book, who I think looks a little chubby himself.

Hey, weight loss is possible. I'm doing it!

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