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Wink Hi everyone ;)

Welcome Moreta, Txgeekgirl, KawaiiCandie, Lady Rider!

I have been doing so-so, and I have been feeling a bit depressed lately. This past Sunday was the month anniversary of my now ex-boyfriend and I breaking up. I am glad we are apart but there are parts of me that misses him too.

Last week I had a lot of medical appointments and I felt so frazzled! Fortunately I made it through all of them, including one appointment where I was a new patient and it included allergy testing. The appointment took about three hours! Now I have some dietary restrictions: no corn, tomato, soy, sesame, legumes, nuts for the next few months or at least my doctor advised me to not include these in my eating. There are some days when I do better than others with the dietary changes, some days it drives me crazy and I give in, others days the restrictions don't really bother me.

I never have been one who copes with stress well and I would like to improve upon that and learn how to deal with stress better. I think I have made some progress with coping with stress, but lately my way of avoiding it has been sleeping a lot and overeating. The overeating is frustrating because I had lost over ten pounds, and I may have gained it back. I have a tendency to sabotage my successes in life, especially with weight loss. Can anyone else relate to this self-sabotaging, if so do, you have any advice?

Well, I hope everyone has a nice evening and a good start to the weekend! TGIF!

It's a rainy day here, so I am hoping it will be nice and sunny again soon!

Here's wishing you all well...

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