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txgeek: hun. nobody wants you to fail. especially not on here. if people aren't replying, it's probably cuz they don't know what to say or haven't been in that situation before. some people are just self-centered twats though and when the world doesn't revolve around them, they don't feel the need to reply, even if it could be helpful to a person. don't put so much thought into how people reply on an internet forum!!! big hugs girl.

freespirit: happy belated birthday! congratulations on joining the YMCA! i hope you find the motivation to go often and you're totally right, exercising helps with a lot of stuff! i hope it makes you feel better!

coffeeshopgirl: I'm teaching first and second year of junior high school. i teach at 2 different schools. and one of those schools, last year, i was teaching seniors in high school, so it's gonna be very different this year! i actually prefer the older ones, so i was kinda bummed to be sent of to the JHS section, but what can you do? plus, the program they have going on over there seems really good, so at least it'll be fun. good luck with PMS! and if you're hungry, eat! just make sure it's good stuff you're eating and not crap...

hey guys! well, today i went to one of my schools for a meeting with some of the teachers i'll be teaching with and it was pretty exciting! even though i'd still rather be teaching the older kids, the program that my predecessor has devised is amazing, and i pretty much have nothing to do except showing up and teaching it! lol. but no planning or anything, and the teachers i'll be working with all seem great! (this is my good school, mind you... my other school is another story...) but i'm stoked to be starting work next monday and to FINALLY have some semblance of a routine!!

eating's been good, and so have my workouts, but i dunno how much i weigh cuz i'm doing this "no scale" challenge until May. weighing in every day and seeing the scale go up and down (though mostly up or stable, i haven't seen an actual drop in weeks...) was making me feel really depressed (when it would go up, most of all) so i thought i'd see if i'd fare any better with no scale.

other than that, nothing to report

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