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KawaiiCandie - Good to know about Japanese culture. And, now I want some fried food, lol. Now that you mention it, I'm surprised more Japanese cuisine hasn't made it here either - but I really do enjoy sushi. So, what level/grade ESL students are you teaching?

VTmom - Thanks for the kind words about my dad. I finally got all those toxic memories/mood out of my head. I hate when it sits there for several days and just needs to be worked/talked out. I like being happy much much better And, do I remember correctly that you work in a bakery right now? That's gotta be tough being calorically good. Hang in there, and if you want some more motivation, you know where to find us!

txgeekgirl - How are you feeling today? Your last post sounds like you're really frustrated. Let us know how we can help

ladyrider - Thanks for the compliment on my name! I made it years ago when I used to frequent a coffee shop in college - doing homework, meeting people, etc. It's how I got that nickname - people would say "hey, you're that girl in the coffee shop" lol. There were a bunch of regulars there, and it was just a good atmosphere with good memories of that time in my life. I've actually never worked at one, but me and the husband do appreciate coffee - the elixir of life

ohiofreespirit - That's great that you joined the YMCA! I had a membership there and I loved the pool and their treadmills. As far as socializing, I would check out volunteering opportunities there if you're interested in that. Otherwise, I really just went in there to work out and left, lol. Guess I could have been more chatty Also, happy belated birthday!!
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