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Originally Posted by DDRSHL View Post
Thank you all for all your comments. Thanks for kicking my butt! I didn't really think I was showing a poor attitude... I guess I was.

The weight came on last year after I quit smoking after 40 years. YES... I SMOKED a pack of cigarettes for FORTY YEARS! I have one maybe two pieces of sugarless gum a day. Will that slow my results?

I do want the wt off as fast as possible and that is why I started IP. Yes I am disappointed on the wt loss but I am old and will have to work for this wt loss. I can do that! I just want know the do's and don'ts of the plan so that I can follow it 100% It will be so hard to stop the gum but I will if it is stopping my results.

I read only one comment about the sugarless gum. So it will not effect my wt loss or slow me down? My coach says no gum but other coaches here say it is ok.

Is there somewhere where I can get a official answer from IP on this?

Thanks again for all the feedback
The official answer will be no gum.
However some folks find they can use it, others find it slows losses (artificial sweeteners have been found to induce insulin reactions - see? it REALLY is more than calories in/calories out)

Many many congrats on quitting smoking. You don't need anyone to tell you what a huge thing you did health-wise for yourself. If it takes you a bit to get the weight off, be patient. This is the fastest program I've ever used. WW didn't help me much at all (except to help me obsess about food!)
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