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Originally Posted by DDRSHL View Post

I read only one comment about the sugarless gum. So it will not effect my wt loss or slow me down? My coach says no gum but other coaches here say it is ok.

Is there somewhere where I can get a official answer from IP on this?

Thanks again for all the feedback
According to the protocol sheet, anything that is 0 carbs, 0 sugar and 0 carbs is ok to use in moderation (when something says 0 carbs, it actually likely contains trace carbs - less than 1g per serving - and those trace carbs can add up fast).

But as I said, it's not necessarily as simple as what the nutrition label says. Sugar alcohols have effects on the body that have nothing to do with the nutrition label, some coaches are OK with that and others are not. If you are sensitive to those effects then yes chewing sugar free gum may slow you down. If you're not, it won't. Unfortunately it's a gray area that you just have to decide if you want to venture into.

Also just so there's no confusion, very few of the folks here are actually coaches - most of us are just consumers like you who have been following the diet and sharing our experiences here.

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