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Oh man. All my life I couldn't wait to be 18! Then when I was 18 I wanted to be 21! I wanted to be in my 30s right up until I was 25. 25 was AWESOME. Most of my late 20s were great, actually! Now I'm 31, 32 in about a month, and I just feel AWFUL about it. Maybe, because I'd always clung onto the idea that by the time I was 30 I'd have life all figured out, and now that's turned out to not be the case? I mean, I know pretty much what I want to do with my life and I'm making it happen (going back to uni in October ), I have a good relationship with my parents (finally), have got a few nasty, toxic people out of my life, have been with the man I love (and NEVER wanted to meet - I loved being single so much) for 4 years, have a few great friends, no money (changing careers / recession - i know it's temporary), never wanted kids and still don't, pretty damn happy with how things are going in my life, yet...

I'm obsessing about the idea that my life is slipping away from me! What the what?? I don't get this AT ALL.
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