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...perhaps I've only said "it's not all unicorns farting sparkles" in a private message? I have said that sentence to the screen for SURE LOL

When I was in Phase 1 I got really tired of people saying "this diet is easy" yadda yadda yadda, I honestly think it's ok for it to be hard and it's ok to admit that. Nothing ever worth it is easy...perhaps those people need to tell the universe it's easy for them to help tell the universe it's not hard? I'm always concerned of what energy I put into the universe, if I say it's 'easy' and it's not really that day will the universe think I'm not listening and make it harder so that I see that I'm that's deep eh?

Last year I was a TOPS division winner and I stood up on stage and said "wow, how did I make it here" I honestly didn't realize the work...this year as part of my speech I'm saying "I'm here, through motiviation, determination, focus and sometimes just plain grit!"'s not hard's not easy everyday. Some days I think "WOW, I got it today" the next day a complete 180 and I'm "not sure". But if I look at my daily weigh graph (I track it) there is a MASSIVE trend...and it brings me comfort.

The days that I don't feel like the unicorn is farting sparkles...those are the days I think "ok, you can give in...and be what you were...or you can just power through this". As maile once posted "crumble or conquer"

My one year on Phase 1, I learned to flex that muscle in my head...I use those muscles sometimes daily in maintenance. But I did learn that it was

1. Ok to be hungry
2. it won't hurt me to say no, there will always be cake
3. I am different then anyone else on this earth so how I eat to maintain will be different then anyone else and that's 'ok'.

I was told once that I don't post my struggles enough and it kinda shocked me. I struggle and as far as I know I share that with you guys....if I don't then please know I do whine to the VIP when I take my breakfast away and replace it with a shake (as a small example). It's less so now (almost a year later) just because...well, it is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it if I'm going to stay this size. That article I read about maintenance (don't know where it is now)....people who lose their limbs have no choice they live life with the cards they are dealt...kinda like us, we have to figure out how to play this game.

But never EVER think it was or is easy on a daily basis for me and I don't think everyday is easy for anyone else. Sharing the difficult moments is part of support...

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