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Originally Posted by KawaiiCandie View Post
txgeek: we love you!!! and we all have bad days... go to bed early! it'll be better tomorrow! and i know how you feel... i know it's stupid but i always feel bad when people don't reply to me in other threads!
So do I. It just confirms my feeling that nobody really gives a crap about me, my problems, what's going on in my l ife, and nobody wants to help me. Everyone wants me to fail.

Originally Posted by ladyrider72472 View Post
Txgeekgirl, sorry you are having a crappy day. I too feel bad sometimes when people don't answer my thread.... but then I rationalize it and it is more figure there are more reasonable answers than they don't care what I have to say. I hope you get feeling better soon. I visited Dallas in October, I really love Texas..... maybe that is one thing you can be happy about... you live in a great City.
I know you're trying to make me feel better but oh my god, I freaking HATE Dallas. I can't wait to get the **** out of this dump. I only live here because my family lives here. The day after I bury my parents, the 'For Sale' sign is going up on the lawn and I'll be a dot on the horizon. I have never been happy living in D....EVER.

As for people not answering my thread...I figure it's because they don't care and they want me to fail. That might sound stupid but I grew up being mercilessly bullied by everyone and as I entered adulthood, people just ignored me. I'm convinced that if someone walked up to me in public and punched me in the face or stabbed me in the stomach, people would simply step over my bleeding body.
Why should I care? Nobody else does.
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