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What a day I've had and to top it off, tonight I find out it's not all Unicorns Farting Sparkles. Next I bet someone will tell me that there really are calories in cakes eaten on national holidays.

So day started out with me resigning from the company I have worked for 19 years. I really believed my boss who has bi-polar tendancies would flip out, scream and tell me to immediately leave, never talk to anyone again. He didn't and it took me by surprise so I really wasn't mentally prepared for the rest of the day, telling my direct team and co-workers that I'm leaving (oh, and going to a competitor company in another city). I have shed a few tears today but also felt wonderfully blessed that the people I thought were friends, really are friends. The next hardest day will be leaving them but that won't be for another 3 weeks. In the meantime, I have lots of information to impart and on the home-front, lots of packing to do. I didn't sleep much last night though so I need to get to bed, just had to check in.

Confession time: with the stress of the day, I went out for lunch and had fish tacos with sweet potato fries, then got back to the office where there was a huge plate of cookies, full of gluten so I usually resist but today I ate four, then I ended the work day with a tequila chocolate bottle (the kind you buy at Christmas) because heck I deserved it. At least dinner was a proper P1 meal and I passed on tonight's snack. I feel I should beat myself up for the unplanned excess but today I'm going to forgive myself and move on instead. Tomorrow I'll eat another low carb dinner but a lamb stew with coconut milk for lunch and strawberry muffins with yogurt for breakfast is already on my menu plan.

Tonight I'm trying yogurt using the oven light method and 1/2 skim milk, 1/2 almond milk. I would love to hear how to do you do the crock pot method? The book I read said that low heat was too much and you had to turn the crock pot on and off over the 8-10 hours which really isn't an option for me. However it would be the most convenient place to hold the yogurt.

Maile: thanks for the tip on the book.

Ishbel: sorry to hear your foot story but just think that you have that much longer to dream about shoe shopping before the final purchase is made! Great to hear your invitations are out, I'll watch the mail.

Evepet: your mention of massages reminds me that I was going to give myself a facial when my boss kicked me to the curb and I had no job to go to for the rest of the month. I guess that plan went bad too but I am taking a few vacation days that I need to burn this month so in between packing and house work, I'll find the time to get the facial and destress.

Now back to convincing the unicorns to start farting their sparkles.

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