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Morning ladies !!! I had a good weekend, the weather was GORGEOUS !!! They said we were going to get rain but we never got any.

I never got out to walk, shame on me, haha ...but I actually need new walking shoes and couldn't afford it this we'll see ...but I did have a good weekend and I did stay OP all weekend !!!!! So I am proud of myself, because I did feel a binge coming on

Yes, I have binge tendencies too girlies, I know it's awful for all of us that do it.

Tonight for dinner we are having halibut, this will be my first time having it so I hope I like it, one peice for both of us was 22.00 , so told dh he better not ruin it when he cooks it, haha ...actually he is a great cook and he will do fine...I am excited about trying it since everyone says it is not a fishy fish, haha, but won't have it a lot since it is so pricey fresh ...

Susie - congrats on the loss ...hope the UTI goes away quickly...I hate those.

Tori - Rodeo ? I have never been either, sounds fun though ...and I would have had to have the nachos !!! Don't feel bad about the binge, I have issues with that too, I know it sucks.

Dee - I am jealous that you get to kayak a lot, I love to do that, did it for the first time in FL a couple years back, it's so much fun. It's awesome that you live around stuff like that, and your great property.

Lyss - Don't get me started on the evils of the artificial sweeteners in your diet coke but it's your body, lol !!!! I know you had my same great weather since we are close in proximity ...supposed to rain I think all the first of this week though ...but with 70 degree weather

Have a great day ladies !!!!

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