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Hi Girls the boys r outdoors w dh right now, so I needed to do another weekly check-in to help keep me Responsible for my 'size'.

Enygirl great going w your WW walk video in the morning. I do a quick 12 minutes on my treadmill when I wake-up on M/W/F mornings & whenever we r camping I walk the campground before breakfast. I usually kayak when my dh goes fishing, we have several lakes 15 minutes from our home too.

Lyssa, the omelets were delish & sooo filling. Call me silly, but I gotta ask people from Illinois if they went to the Oprah show. I tried to get tickets for a few yrs & couldn't. I hear ya about the trees down, we got that in our woods; we could hear the trunks cracking as they fell. U r gonna build some awesome muscles moving those trees. I'm sure U will have a Wonderful loss
Carri, --5 lbs "Portion Control"
Tori One day @ a time OP Do what U feel Will work for U. I know people that r successful w WW, Jenny Craig, Nutri-system & w their own homemade diets... If any of us Knew the answer to being 'slim & healthy' we'd b millionaires. I know most of us in the north states r like hibernating bears & stored our weight & will start losing it now that the warm temps will let us b active. I think U r stressing about seeing your inlaws this summer. While U r debating on what method to try to lose weight, how about drinking more water & fiber 'sooo filling' & flavoring your water w lemon, mint leaves, cucumber slices & eat more beans to keep-up your protein & do 'portion control' like put your food on your plate as normal, look @ it, then take it off & measure it; maybe U r eating 2 portions instead of 1. I'm sure your girls will go crazy to have U play outdoors w them & plant a veggie garden & play w your doggies. I play kick-ball & badmitton w the kids & its fast paced; sometimes when I'm home alone I dribble a basketball & shoot hoops or play horseshoes or bocce' ball. There is always something we can play or do outdoors when it isn't raining...

My 'BooHoo' for this week is: I need a new washing machine badly & my set is old so I'd like to buy a set; so what did my dh do on Wednesday....he bought another kayak we have a big canoe, a speed-boat & 2 kayaks... it was on sale for $200 so dh hadddd to buy it for the kids If I did that w a ring/bracelet etc. dh would've been I weekly budget all our income to pay his medical bills, etc. so I guess this will b my 'free pass' when he's mad @ me about something I do wrong.

Have a fun weekend, DD
Thank you for your Prayers PLease share a funny video Dee. "I'm a Gummy Bear" song from the Gummy Bear movie. Also a Minnions video clip that makes you LOL !

I have a Grandma brain

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