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The frustrating part about the food addiction issue is that you can't just avoid food like you can avoid alcohol or other addictive substances. Sure, you can avoid sugary treats like cake and candy. But those things were never my problem. My problem has always been eating too much of "regular" food. For example, I love almonds. They are a healthy food and, if eaten in moderation, can be a nutritious part of a diet that will foster weight loss. But they are also very high in fat and calories. So, if you eat a LOT of them, you're not going to lose weight. I have the same problem with almonds that some people have with sugar or junk food. If I start eating them, I can't stop. Because of this I have, for the most part, stopped eating them. Sometimes, if I really crave them, I'll buy a bag -- but I will keep them in the trunk of my car so that when I'm at work or home, they are not easily accessible. I have to go out of my way to get them. This has actually helped. Because when I keep them in my pantry or my desk at work, I can go through a 1lb bag in a couple days!

But almonds aren't the only culprit though. I certainly didn't get fat eating a lot of almonds! And when I said my problem is overeating "regular" food, I have to admit that in the past I ate a lot of fast food and junk food. But even if I cut all of the fast food and junk food out of my diet I would still have a problem with my weight because I am a compulsive over-eater when it comes to most foods that I like to eat. The only thing that has helped me is restricting the type of food I eat. I don't eat any grains or starches. Just protein, fats and veggies (and a limited amount of fruit for now). I find that when I do this, I am satisfied with the amount of food. I don't over-eat because I am not eating something that I am REALLY enjoying. I mean, while I like grilled chicken, fish, salads, veggies, etc. -- I am not going to binge on these foods. I will stop when I am full. With other foods, like pizza, pasta, burgers, Mexican food, Chinese food, etc., I will eat beyond the point of being full because I enjoy the taste of the food so much. Then, a couple hours after I am past the point of being full and literally can't eat anymore, I would later resume eating once I could eat again. No sane person would do this to themselves. And there was never any underlying emotional reasons for doing it. It was just my habit. It was my M.O. There is no explanation other than addiction.

Started out at 405.5 on 7/31/12. Then lost 156 lbs to get down to 249.5 by 7/31/13. In the past year I have put back on over 40 pounds and reached a high of 291.5. But I have recommitted myself and quickly took off ten pounds by 7/31/14. I am now trying to take off the weight I put back on, and then lose the rest of the weight I was originally trying to lose. ---- Starting weight / Low weight / Current Weight / Goal Weight

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