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Hmm... The Beck Diet Solution. I've seen references to this book here before, and it sounds like it's definitely worth a read. Thanks Ishbel for all the great info.

I'm chuggin' along... nothing drastic to report one way or another. Guess that's why I've been fairly quiet this week. This morning's check on the scales has me 1 lb higher than when I started maintenance on Monday. I've set 150 as my upper limit, so as long as I fluctuate somewhere between 147-149ish, then I'm not bothered about it. I had the highest calorie day so far yesterday though, and the sodium intake was pretty high, so it's probably just water retention. I also got into the natural almonds yesterday and ate more of them than I should have... I can see that I'm going to have to be careful with almonds. I buy them whole and throw them into the food processor to make my own almond meal - I'd best do that with most of the rest of what I bought yesterday, so they're not sitting around to tempt me. Maybe leave a handful for a treat today - and the rest get zapped into almond meal!!

Just wanted to say 'Hi'. Hope everyone is having a good day.

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