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I really like the Beck Diet Solution, it doesn't matter which diet you're on her advice works. I think I liked it because I knew cognitive behaviour 'therapy' works for me. I've been trying to 'reframe' how I think about things since I was in my 20s and didn't know that's what I was doing. Then I found out about 'distorted thinking' and REALLY identified some areas of me that needed to grow. So finding the Beck Diet Solution was like a 'godsend'. I knew KNEW it was exactly what I needed. I downloaded her book and listened to it for almost two weekends while I painted a fence during my Phase 1...she just really makes sense to me.

Yesterday's post via facebook was:

Wednesday Sabotage: I’m just going to eat this because I don’t feel like thinking about it. Response: Even if I decide to eat and ‘not think about it,’ I’ll definitely still think about it when I get on the scale, when my clothes don't fit, and when I’m feeling angry with myself because I'm stuck at a higher weight. No matter what I’m going to think about it, either now (by making healthy choices) or later when I’m facing the consequences.

I said "WHOA" when I read it and VIP said "what?" so I read it to him and he said "did you say that to someone!??!!" and I said "no, that was the beck diet it" LOL

If you find her on facebook you just keep liking her stuff she'll show up in your newsfeed. It's a good quick little daily reminder to stay focused.!/BeckDietSolution

They aren't all as stark as yesterdays lol!

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