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Originally Posted by bingefree2013 View Post
I don't practice intuitive eating - that's what led me to my last severe restriction in the first place (trying not to eat past satisfaction which led to too little food, fear of fullness, guilt if I hit fullness levels, trying to obsessively rate hunger on a numeric scale, and extreme weight loss because I was essentially eating too little overall stopping before fullness; a diet within a non-diet), but the principles are similar to how I eat. The point is, I don't label how I eat with any program, just like I don't label how I breathe and urinate
I am so glad that you wrote this! I have tried IE so many times in the past, but ultimately, it was really a diet in "disguise" as an anti-dieting plan. (I'm not saying that it is this way for everyone, but it was for me). The guilt from not eating when just hungry was just as bad as the guilt of going over calories or eating too many carbs on other plans.
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